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Nature's Remedy is a passion driven business trying to make a difference in the lives of barn owls and human beings. Once my customers see a barn owl living in their nesting box it's a sight to behold, it really makes them feel good (and me too)!

About Glenn Prichard

Owner Glenn Prichard

I have loved wildlife and the outdoors since I was a little kid. I have also been one to look out for those who needed looking after the most; old people, little kids, and animals. I started Nature's Remedy a little over 12 years ago because I found barn owls trying to live in old broken down wood nesting boxes with their eggs broken on the ground. After a lot of reading and researching I found that barn owls needed help much like I did at the time. The construction business that I had for nearly 30 years was facing hard times because of the recession and the home my wife and I raised our kids in was slipping out from under us. I could relate to what these guys were going through. Long story short, things have improved for both of us with the help of each other. Helping barn owls seems so trivial to some but to the barn owls, it's a matter of life and death. We're all put here on earth for a reason, I believe I have found mine. Nature's Remedy is a passion that turned into a business. 

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"The HOOT Project Providing Relief to California Farmers"

"...Glenn Prichard sets out to carry out a life mission---protecting wildlife while promoting business."

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